Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Siesta Scripture Memory Team: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

I did it, I did it, uh, huh, uh, huh... (just imagine me doing the happy dance, on second thought, DON'T!!)

That is all in fun...but, the truth of the matter is
I could not have done it without my Heavenly Father!! I made it through the 24 verses...I still have a hard time with some, but there are A LOT that I have gained so much from. Each verse has a reason for my choosing it, God led me to each one. Most every one has a story behind it. What led me there or how God used it. So many times I have used one that I learned (not just memorized) in my life and have been able to share it with someone right when they needed it. God's word is living and working in me. If I have learned anything from accomplishing this...I did this for me and my relationship with HIM. Not my friends that were doing it, not to go to the celebration in Houston, (even though, I wish now that I could, ~D don't even!!) and just not to be able to say that I did it. BUT, God showed me what He wanted me to learn, not memorize and He brought each one ALIVE in my life. If you don't understand what it means for God's word to be alive, then just dig in and learn a verse or two, you won't want to stop!

 I have a hard time memorizing ANYTHING... and I have such an easy time forgetting things....In 2009 I started the SSMT but, halfway through I just fizzled out... I just couldn't do it. Even though I said I would, I didn't make it. That seems to happen a lot to me. I think, I am going to do that... or this... and sometimes even before I begin I stop..or I quit...or its too much.... too hard... not for me...ohh and sometimes I am raring to go.....and then...B.A.M its over.

Which brings me to my next thought.... here we are on the 11th day of a new year... and I had thoughts of a resolution...a life change...something I wanted to do different in my life..a word for the year....something on my blog...something that would keep my focus on the Lord. I have seen sooo many great ideas in blogland and I have to say some of you are so precious, so encouraging that it makes me want to jump in and join in the Challenge or the monthly activity, or, or, or. So my mind has been reeling for several days.....ok weeks. And I won't commit to anything because I am afraid of not finishing. CRAZY....yes, I know.

SO, I haven't committed to anything (with the exception of staying in the word). There are a couple of things at the top of my list and I am praying about what GOD wants me to do as this year begins. 

Staying in THE WORD.... sooo excited, to say that on January 23 we begin 

I have to say I LOVE OUR BIBLE STUDIES!! My life tends to go outta control when I am not in an organized Bible Study. Pray for Deidre (our faithful leader), and for the women that will attend. 

Fall 2011 Bible Study Group

God has reminded me in the past day or so that, I am me.... and GOD MADE ME! I am fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows my name, my thoughts, my heartaches, my passions, and He has lots in store for me!! I cannot live through the blessings, trials, defeats or victories of others. God has some JUST for me.... I have got to find what is right for me at this time in my life. No one else is facing what I am, or living in the craziness I am right now. Whatever I do, I must do it as unto the Lord. And I am seeking Him not just to say I did ??? in 2012, but I can say that because of ??? I am different and I allowed God to WORK in me!!So I have to find what is best for me and what will glorify HIM.

What are you doing in your life, on your blog, in your quiet time to keep your focus on HIM in 2012?? Do you have a word, a challenge, a daily post, a weekly devotion or whatever for this year?


Anonymous said...

I love the new layout:-)

Praying for you

Tamera said...

I have a hard time with memorization too. I am attempting to memorize the book of Colossians this year--that is my goal. I have a lot of scripture tucked away, but it seems that I have a good bit of trouble with the addresses.

I am so glad I visited your blog page...thank you for visiting me!

Congratulations for the twenty-four verses you have hidden in your heart now. May they be ever ready for the Spirit to use to exhort and excourage you in your life.

Tamera from the Chambered Nautilus

Valerie said...

Great post and heart for the Lord! What an encouragement to memorize more Scripture! I hope you have an awesome weekend.