Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Need a Break???

Christmas is a busy time of year, although I have been attempting to "not be so busy" (that's why I haven't posted in the past couple of days..I have lots of pix and I need to get them on here before this phase of my kids lives fly by as well.) The past several days seemed to have flown by at the speed of sound. Lots going on at work and in the rest of my world. This morning I woke up anxious and overwhelmed and that was before my feet hit the floor. Once I got to work I had calmed down some, I prayed all morning. I needed a calm reassuring song to bring me comfort. This song did it.... oh the words were sooo very true..... take time to watch the video and allow the works to speak to you..

So, if you too are like me, trying to figure out how to get it all done and get everyone where they need to be and you just feel like you can't do one more thing....... settle down (get a cup of coffee or a latte) pray and let this song minister to you... HE is WHAT I needed this morning!!! I need to be In HIS Arms!

 Hang on dear Sisters, He has so much more in store for us!!!

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Kim said...

Thanks!!! Needed this,this morning. Amazing like you said, days are starting to get a little busier. Trying to maintain the right focus on the season JESUS. Going to all of the events. House getting messier and messier by the day:) I loved taking 5minutes and 8
seconds to be reminded that I am in His Arms.

Love You,