Monday, November 7, 2011

Give Thanks Day 7

Today I want to Give Thanks for Am's husband, Matt!! He came into our lives not long after Am graduated from High School. (wow, that was when she was the same age as Sis!) So it has been about 8 years that we have been blessed with him in our lives.

In 2008, he became an official part of our family. Bless his heart, he is an only child and God chose to put Am in his life, not only does she have siblings on our side, she also has siblings on her mother's side. Needless to say, if he can deal with just one half of the equation then he is a jewel!! Because as you have seen, my parents are divorced and since they get along, we are all together from time to time, and that can really mess with people's heads. Even the fact that Am's mother & I get along, really confuses people. 
He & Am were in college (she was 20) when we told her that she would be a sister AGAIN.... and with them being away, they weren't around very much when Kea was a baby. Kea loved Matt. He always wanted him. One summer, Kea was about  and they went to the beach with us. Kea was all about Matt. Am was pretty much chopped liver. Kea would say where's Matt? every time she walked in the room. He would say Matt was his brother. It was so cute & we all laughed over how he did her. The best part was when Matt came in and he said, "where's dat gurl?" :) Matt loved that and still to this day, you can find him playing with Keaton. He is truly his brother!
All the times that he played with Kea, we would say, "he is going to be a great Daddy one day" And that day came on April 17, 2010. He is a wonderful husband and a great father to Baby C. (another day of Give Thanks to come). He is a very special young man, and Sis summed it up the other night when she said she was thankful for her siblings, including Matt, I don't just think of him as my brother-in-law but as my brother.

Oh Father, thank you for you for Matt. Thank you for bringing him into Am's life and into our family. Thank you for the husband that he is and for the father that he is. How awesome to watch a family start out and grow and be able to juggle all the differences and the family dynamics that come with Am, especially our crowd. Thank you for allowing all my children to be at church with us (oh, he is a nurse and works weekends!!but he was off) yesterday. It was awesome to have them all there together, worshipping the Lord as a family!

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What a sweet young family. I love it.