Saturday, November 5, 2011

Give Thanks Day 5

Today I want to GIVE THANKS for my in-laws, Joann & Grady. I have the best in-laws ever!! PERIOD! They are always there for us and go above and beyond anything you could ever imagine.
Grady & Joann, I love them!!

The other night when it was time for us to do our "thankful time" Benny was thankful for his parents. He said, "they always prayed for me. I can remember hearing them praying at night and they prayed for us kids. I know they were praying for my salvation and as I got older and far away from God, there was no doubt their prayers continued. It took many years, but God did answer their prayers. I may not be here today if it weren't for my parents  constant prayers."
That touched me in a way that I had never thought of before. Never in all of our 19 years of marriage, had he ever told me that. WOW, I am loving our family thankful time!! (I will share some of the things that all of us are thankful for at some point during this month)
I know that they continue to pray for our family. They love with an unconditional love and they go out of their way for others. 

I love you Joann & Grady!!

I am thankful to that we have our parents. They too have had many health problems. Grady has lots of health issues and some days are better than others. And Joann, God has healed her of Leukemia. She was diagnosed, 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Keaton. We were devastated. But GOD had another plan, and with medication, she has been leukemia free for over 7 years!! I praise HIM for allowing her much more time than the medical world says!!  She has some other problems she deals with, but I have realized that will come with age (already seeing some of that myself!!)

Thank you Father, for Joann & Grady, how awesome it is to have Godly in-laws that pray for you daily. That are the most wonderful grandparents in the world. You have truly blessed me, beyond anything I could have ever asked!


Elaine said...

Awe!!!! Let me jump in and say, I love your in-laws too! Granny Jo has spoiled my Kohen rotten (along with a few other guilty nursery workers). To read the story Benny shared with your family is one of those $500 moments! Such a sweet testament to His faithfulness and goodness. Thanks for sharing that!

Kim said...

I love Joann and Grady too. They are such loving people. Always there for us. I will never forget the dresses that Joann made for one of my little girls. That will remain in my heart forever.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your thankful posts are very inspiring! It's nice to give praise to those that mean so much to us! Very nice posts...all of these! ♥