Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laughter :) A day of it!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken
spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

I was reminded by a friend's post on "Laughter" that I definitely need more of it in my life. I am way tooo serious on most days. I know I am, and if I didn't know that about myself,  I am reminded by my husband and my children alot. I have days where I try to be watchful of things that God has in my path. Once I read her post this morning, I began to think, hmmm?? God sure has a sense of humor (again, something my family says I don't really have) because yesterday He gave me plenty of chances to laugh.

As a Mom, I try to do things for my children.(don't laugh, you have done it or WILL do it)  Especially when they ask, or insist and especially when it seems super important. Well, a note came home from school, asking if any parents would come in and tell about their job for their Community Helpers lessons. He wanted me to come so badly!! So ok, what's 30 minutes? And, he was super excited about me coming. When you volunteer for something, you probably should ask questions instead of just saying YES. I thought (something I should not do) well 15 students. That should be easy enough. HA!!!

He tells me a nurse came one day, and then a note came home making sure I was coming, they had some no shows. (Now I know WHY?) I talked my wonderful husband into going one day, too. WELL, a couple days before it was my turn I asked how many was in his class, he said, it not just my class, its the WHOLE 1st GRADE. Very calmly I asked, "How many 1st graders are there?" Oh just 60. (Seriously? No wonder there were NOSHOWS)

60!!?? Yes, he said 60. WHAT in the WORLD was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn't . 

Ok, so I try to figure out what to say... I  mean come on, I work for a small company, so I have NUMEROUS jobs, and to a 1st grader Human Resources, Accounting, Customer Service, all that probably sounds foreign and BORING. Best part of it all, he came home on Tuesday, and a POLICEMAN came that day. How was I to follow that??? My husband tells me, well there may be a little girl in there that doesn't want to be a Policeman. (ok, he has a point) and another friend tells me, tell them you train lions for movies or ride elephants for the circus.

Really?? lol!!

Go ahead, laugh I know you want to. Just so you will know. I faired ok, I guess. There were 120 some little eyes expecting who knows what from me and I just tried to keep it simple as I could. WARNING
THOUGH... if you ever have to do this, don't take things for them to pass around, because they got distracted in a second! But, really it was fun and funny too.  I mean when it came to question time, the most popular questions were, How many boys work at your work? How many girls work at your work? Boys were happy, cause there are 22 "boys" and 9 "girls". That did crack me up!! At least Benny has  been forewarned. He is on his own now! (I am laughing as I typed that!!) So as I was leaving, I just laughed and thought, well that was FUN!! They were cute and adorable and hey, I was off work early and I was with Kea & was getting to pick up Bub!!

God has blessed us with getting to work with Children's Ministry. This time of year is CHRISTMAS PLAY time....yes, its not even Halloween and we are singing Christmas songs!! Many times I get so stressed over it, so this year I am choosing not too....(don't ask me about that the 1st week in Dec!!). Last night, God gave me a lot to laugh about, smile about.... and just get tickled over. What a blessing He gave me! From the singing,  dancing (to the beat, ha!), to the acting, really getting into their parts, the giggling, the grins, the dimples, I just soaked it all in last night and I am still smiling today at just how much God will show you when you are watchful!

Yes, laughter is good medicine. And yes, God is in every part of my life!! I am so thankful!! I am thinking I need some extra doses!!

How about you? Have you laughed today???


Elaine said...

I love the light-heartedness of this post. It made me happy just to read it!

Kim said...

I love that you found the verse. I didn't have time to find the reference. I loved the passing of things around, being a distraction. So true. I also loved the pictures of the Lions. Hilarious. I had a good laugh. They are at a sweet age. All they wanted to know about was the amount of boys and girls and then it turned into a contest. Funny!

Love you,
Praying for you :)