Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ch-ch-ch- changes (part 2)

Wow, has the past week been a whirlwind. We felt an earthquake on Tuesday. I thought I was having an episode with my sugar dropping and realized it was NOT my sugar. And yes there was an earthquake in VA and it was felt up to NY and even to FL. Then at the end of the week Hurricane Irene tormented the shores of the East Coast. So it was a great time to use how BIG GOD is and how He controls all things. Our youngest was worked up over both. Getting him to understand where we were in comparison to both, I had to turn to a map to show him. Then he wanted to find out how a hurrincane formed. He listened to the meteorologists and repeated every word. I thought, well maybe he will be the next Eric Thomas, lol! (a meteorologist on WBTV for those of you that do not know)

On to Part 2.....Bub started High School last week, yes I said it and I still am in denial. Seriously, when people plan how long they will wait between their children, (not that we planned ours. God did all that!) I guess they never consider when when they go to High School where the other will be. I always thought 4 year age span was pretty good. Til  Sis graduated, and then it hit us that when he graduates, she too will be graduating from COLLEGE!!! So suffice it to say, in 2015, I will be a certified loon!! (I know a couple people that are thinking I am already there....well just say you have been WARNED. Lol!

As Bub gets out of the car, he says to me, "Mom, don't cry." (I am thinking don't cry and praying as hard as I can) I look at him and he just laughs...and I do too. He is such a cut-up. I think he was a bit nervous and I think it was more for him that me. I watched him walk towards the school, he was again the 5 year old rough & tumble boy that I took to kindergarten and right before my eyes he grew & changed  into the fine young man he is today! On Friday, he got to play in his first pep band! He made snare line and for those of you that don't know, that is usually something that only jrs & srs get to do. A freshman on snare is a very rare thing!! He was awesome...I am not biased or anything???..... All the years of him beating the drums I thought was just to drive me over the edge. Now I can't tell him to STOP BEATING!!! He does have to practice.... :S

On to the baby boy....well no he isn't actually a baby, HE IS A 1st Grader!! I know he was just a chubby faced toddler yesterday..... and now he is almost 7. My grandmother was telling the truth when she said, "Don't wish your life away, cause when you get my age, time flies, its like 10 years is ONE." Granny, when I was 10 I thought, that's just crazy, and today it is crazy that it goes so quickly.

We walked down the hall, with him chattering 100 miles a minute. We stopped so he could hug his teacher from Kindergarten and as she & I were talking he just went on like he had walked to that classroom like he had been there for weeks. Sadly, it made me feel like he just didn't need me...... When I got there he was unpacking all the numerous school supplies that a 1st grader needs (really??). After helping with getting the mountain of supplies put away, I left feeling a bit sad, excited, overwhelmed proud and numb.

As I drove to work that day, I talked to God and thanked Him for the changes in our lives, the blessing to be a Mom and for trusting me with the greatest kids!! So many times I make the comment, "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up" but I sure am glad that He knows best. I may never be Mother of the Year but I do know one thing, I love my babies!!! (and yes they will always be my babies!!!)

So as life goes, changes come. Many have said "Change is good" and many hate change and will fight it with all their might. I guess it is good considering my children are growing up into wonderful people. Many times when I am praying for my children, I thank God for them, because I am so unworthy, that He would chose me to be their Mom. Not a job I take lightly, and not one that I always get right all the time, but I wouldn't change a thing.......

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